Hello and welcome...

First note: This homepage is completely outdated ;-). The only maintained part is my blog

On the project page you will surely find an application which could be helpful. What about the vocabulary program KVocabs or the desktop notification system QNotify which are both completely free of charge. But there is more to see. Because of the fact that I am using Linux as my prefered (solely) operating system, the applications won't work on others.

But of course there is more. Over time, I have collected a huge amount of tabulatures of whose I have made up a collection which can be downloaded as one big file. It includes more than 4000 songs of any kind. Pop, rock or classical music can be found. There are also a lot of guitar pro files.

The section Tutorials contains tips and tricks about Linux and programming.

Do you want to know something about me? Go to About me. If you like to know what I am doing all day long, visit my weblog

Do you want to give feedback of any kind? Go to feedback and tell me what you like/dislike/wish concerning this website or my projects. Any hint is appreciated, because this is the only way I can do better in future. And now, have a lot of fun!