Since version 0.5.0, QNotify consists of three major parts:

  1. LibQNotify: A common library to be used by other applications to popup passive, nice widows that slide around the desktop.
  2. QNotify: Uses LibQNotify. It is a small and windowmanager independant utility to inform you of events of any kind. When a specific event occurres, a small window will pop up showning a message or an image. The window does not take away the focus of any other application. Additionally, it stais on top of the Desktop and does not disappear when changing workspaces. The graphical look can be controled by a lot of option like colors, geometry, time shown, flickering or transparency.
  3. QNotifyd: Since version 0.3, there is a daemon called qnotifyd which stais in background and keeps track of all shown windows. It manages the alignment of all qnotify windows and therefore avoids overlapping of events. For further information about the daemon look at man qnotifyd.



12.03.2006 LibQNotify Live Demontration
Yesterday I created a small live demonstartion of what can be done with LibQNotify and its tools. You need shockwave flash enabled. Have a look!
19.01.2006 LibQNotify goes into production ;-)
Nearly one year has passed, but now I have published an even more powerful QNotify. It comes along with an independent library called LibQNotify intended to be used by any other Qt application. Its API is very easy to use. If you like to have amazing popup scolling and sliding around on the desktop, LibQNotify is the library of your choice ;-)
02.02.2005 QNotify 0.4.2
Version 0.4.2 is out. Download it!
More convenient scripts will follow...
18.01.2005 QNotify website goes online
Not much to say. Content will follow...